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This week I'm doing something different. In the past 10 days, I've been pretty busy taking care of my newborn daughter!!!! So I've just compiled links to the most interesting stuff I've read in the past few days, kinda like a super pumped “suggested readings” section of most of my past emails.

John Cutler, from Amplify, tweets his product development process at Amplify.

Patrick Dorsey, from Dorsey Asset Management, and grandmaster moat expert, gave a great interview to the Manual of Ideas (pretty old), where he discusses types of moats at length. Amazing primer.

Ryan, CEO of Investing Citywrites about the different types of innovations. Many people misunderstand what disruptive innovation actually means. This article doesn't get everything right but helps.

Yossi Hasson, the author of A Blockchain VC, writes an article about finding product-market fit that's based on the famed Superhuman article.

Geoff Yamane has some interesting takes on software company valuations. Some inconsistent stuff, but some good insights.

Elad Gil, the famed angel investor, writes about how founders shun sales, and how to tackle the challenge.

Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, finally shares what he's been up to since leaving his day to day activities at the fund a handful of years ago (when Sam Altman got the president job).

Brianna Zebriez, a former Stripe employee, reflects on what she learned in her four and a half years at the payments company. It's an amazing goal for CEOs to have somebody leave the company with such a good grasp of its culture. It reminds me of Amazon.

On a similar note, Mark McGranaghandoes the same (I think he hasn't left Stripe tough).

That's it!

Cheers, and have a great week,