According to a Gallup survey, only 13% of employees worldwide feel effectively engaged. In Brazil's case, this number is a bit higher: 27% of them are engaged or highly productive, while 12% are actively disengaged - that is, they are susceptible to spreading negativity among co-workers, which directly affects other people's performance.

For this reason, it is an area for improvement. Through an Organizational Climate Survey software, it is possible to have a diagnosis on the perception of the professionals in relation to the company, contributing for the leadership to elaborate improvement actions.

In this content, we explain a little more about the advantages of having software that helps in this regard. Read on to learn more!

1. It helps understand staff perceptions

The first of those advantages is the possibility to understand the perception that team members have on a wide array of subjects. From benefits management to investment in diversity, leaders have the opportunity to draw up a diagnosis of the professionals' vision, helping to outline strategies that contribute to bringing improvements to the company as a whole.

Through the Climate and Engagement Survey software, there is room for creating it from questions about different themes. At the end, management will view a favorability graph, showing the percentage of employees who were favorable, neutral, or unfavorable to each question.

2. It guarantees the confidentiality of responses

The Human Resources area often regards the importance of an Organizational Climate Survey for their organization, as well as the effects brought about by this strategy. However, one may fear that employees may not feel comfortable sharing how they really feel about the proposed topics, fearing reprisals from the leadership.

When you choose Organizational Climate Survey software, results are presented only if three or more team members answer a question. In addition, the rule applies to filters and groupings, so that professionals are not identified.

For example: if you want to understand how the Marketing area encompasses diversity, this will only be possible if this number of people who answered the questionnaire has been reached, which brings more confidence from the employees.

3. It finds out which group or subgroup is dissatisfied

Following the same example presented above, there is the possibility for the team to identify which group or subgroup in the company is dissatisfied with a certain group or theme, or even in need of further support.

From filters based on employee fields - area and position, for example - it is possible to obtain this information, in addition to viewing a heat map that compares the average of professionals, grouping them according to the values of some data fields - area, position, level, etc.

Through the map, it is also possible to understand which sectors are outstanding in some theme and the ones that are dissatisfied. With this information in hand, teams can evaluate what is being done in one area that is not being applied in another, in a way that improves the perception of the whole company.

4. It finds out how the company's high performers feel

Do the company's leaders have insight into how the top performing team members feel? Moreover, do they have difficulties understanding what changes need to be made in the organization for top performers to be satisfied? This is a sign that there is a need to look for an Organizational Climate Survey tool.

These are the people who really make a difference in your organization. For this reason, there is a need to search for strategies that contribute to the retention of these talents, in a way that preserves the human and intellectual capital of the company.

By choosing a tool that also offers other alternatives for HR (Performance Evaluation, for example), it is possible to cross-reference data, so that it groups survey responses according to evaluation scores or the box position of these people.

Thus, besides finding out who its high performers are, HR will be able to analyze the level of satisfaction in relation to the work environment, which will enable the creation of action plans aimed at reducing the turnover of these employees.

5. It provides specific understanding of a given theme

For situations where leaders would like to better understand how a certain group of people feels about a particular topic, there is the possibility of finding out more details about it. Through a feature, the tool's admin can select a specific group of professionals to receive the form, so that management can gain important insights on the desired subject.

Through this content, you have been able to identify the main advantages of relying on Organizational Climate Survey software. As explained, by looking for a more complete tool, you will have the possibility to cross-reference data, which will lead to more positive effects for the company as a whole.

If you want to know a little more about this topic, contact us, please talk to our professionals, and clear your doubts!