Pulse Survey

Pulse Survey

Conduct weekly surveys based on emojis to help leaders understand how each person on the team feels, take immediate action to improve the climate and achieve better results.

Column chart showing the distribution of sentiment types week by week. Graph legend represented by emojis.

Simple and practical weekly insights

Through a pulsed survey that relies on emojis to express sentiment and contains predefined tags to highlight positive points and to mleve, the leadership has rich and simple information to take immediate actions that contribute to the improvement of the team's climate and to increase results.
John's neutral sentiment, represented by an emoji is shown on the right. Their leader comments below and they start talking about it as in the comments of a Facebook post.

Focus on the proximity of leaders and their direct reports

By having access to the answers of the pulse survey, the leadership can talk to direct reports individually through the Sentiment History to act quickly and accurately. Thus, they better develop their people management skills and focus on action plans.