Track your organization's usage of the Qulture.Rocks’s platform and results through several interactive dashboards.

Column chart showing the distribution of feeling types week by week. Table showing which are the most cited positive points and points for improvement.

Analyse how your team is feeling each week

Through dashboards, it is possible to identify how  employees are feeling and what are the main positive and improving points that led them to such conclusions.
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Table showing the analysis of the results of a 9 box matrix showing the distribution of contributors per quadrant of the matrix before and after calibration of Performance Review.

Measure the performance of each employee

Track how each employee performed after a performance review cycle. The dashboards on the platform help you access, in a single place, all the information needed to identify areas for improvement and discover talents.
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A line graph and another bar graph showing the evolution of two different business indicators over the months of January, February, March and April.

Monitor results easily

Follow, through dashboards, the evolution of each of the defined goals month by month, comparing the expected result to the accomplished result. Easily create action plans to achieve them within the defined deadline.
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Table showing per leader the number of led and the number of 1:1 meetings held.

Monitor 1:1s progress between leaders and direct reports

Track the frequency and adherence of 1:1s between leaders and their direct reports and create action plans to encourage this practice within your organization.
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Table showing in absolute numbers the amount of feedback requested and answered, and what are the main points for improvement and positive points per team.

Track feedback flow in your organization

Learn how your teams and the organization as a whole are sending and asking for feedback in order to create action plans that encourage this practice.
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Matrix with employees inserted into 9 quadrants defined by crossing behavioural levels and results levels.

Define action plans focused on teams or groups of people

Quickly and centrally visualise which teams are feeling well and which need immediate attention. Using our survey templates, collect data and cross-reference it on the Heatmap. Through our 9-Box, identify which themes should be worked on in each team or group of employees.
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