People Analytics

People Analytics

Get insights and create action plans for employee retention through simple analysis on complex data with Qulture.Rocks' People Analytics product.

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People Analytics

People Analytics

Get insights and create action plans for employee retention through simple analysis on complex data with Qulture.Rocks' People Analytics product.

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Chart with the total number of employees and employee rate turnover

Track the progress of turnover in your organization

Have greater predictability about your organization's talent retention and create talent retention plans based on turnover rate tracking.
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Table with data on voluntary and involuntary dismissals

Map voluntary and involuntary resignations

Qulture.Rocks' People Analytics solution enables your HR team to analyse total resignations in more detail by breaking them down by voluntary or involuntary.
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Chart with information on dismissals by area, age group, gender and time at the company

Find out which groups need immediate attention

People Analytics gives you much more strategic insight into your organization's talent retention by visually structuring complex data on gender, age, area and tenure.
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Sapiência: digital learning experience for your company

Develop your team through an active learning experience, with hundreds of contents in different formats, experts, and the most renowned institutions in the market.

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Corporate Learning Union and Performance Management
Topics focused on the key soft skills and abilities of the future
Compatible with the largest learning platforms on the market
+ 100 renowned experts
+ 500 exclusive titles
Different content formats and the best educational technology

SapiênCia: Evolution and revolution in corporate education

80% of people would increase their engagement at work if they had resources to develop new competencies (Udemy for Business Survey).

Today, the training of professionals is a major priority in the market. In this scenario, SapiênCia is a great ally for any company.
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Clovis de Barros

With more than 30 years of experience, he is a PhD professor, a lecturer at USP, and the author of more than 15 books.

Angela Donaggio

Consultant, lawyer, professor, and researcher dedicated to the subject of Corporate Governance, Compliance, and Diversity.

Vânia Bueno

Journalist and professor at FIA with a post-graduate degree in Corporate Communication and a Master's degree in Organizational Development.

Ronaldo Lemos

Recognized worldwide as one of the "Young Global Leaders", professor in technology and columnist for the Folha de São Paulo newspaper.

Eduardo Carmello

Professor, specialist and author of several books on strategic management of people, nominated 5 times for the Top 5 in the HR Top od Mind award.

Eugenio Mussak

With over 40 years of experience, he is a professor and scientific director of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources.


ESG - Transform your company into a sustainable organization


New Economy (power by FIA)

HR for everyone (power by Mercer)

Skills for the Future and Bani World

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With SapiênCia, your team learns the way they want

Learn about our different content formats designed to provide an integrated learning experience.


Cinematic experience, with 1h30 lessons divided into episodes and practical support materials

Interactive Quiz

Gamified learning experience


Audio learning experience in a chat format. Practical, light and interactive.
  • Video lesson

  • Podcast

  • Exercises

  • Support materials

  • Texts

  • Pills

  • Cases

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Why count on SapiênCia?

Understand how we help HRs and leaders from companies of various sizes and sectors.


  • Relevant and accessible topics

    Select, with the help of the UOL EdTech team, contents based on your company's real needs and development objectives.

  • Learning Experience

    Increase the engagement of your team with an active and interactive learning experience, totally different from the others in the market.

  • tool adaptable

    Count on a responsive layout that allows you to consume content anywhere, by computer, cell phone, or tablet.

  • Assisting talent retention

    With SapiênCia, your company shows that it is concerned with your team's development, which increases engagement and motivation at work.

  • Protagonism of the collaborator

    Our solution gives autonomy to your collaborators, and allows your team to be the protagonists of its own development.

  • Productivity

    Your team develops and performs the day-to-day tasks with greater ease, achieving better results for the company.

  • Leadership learning

    The leaders also develop and recycle their soft skills and thus become more prepared to lead their teams.

  • More solid teams

    The development of new skills also improves the relationship and even the dynamics of each team.

  • Close monitoring of development

    With Learning.Rocks, which contains SapiênCia collections, the leaders follow the team's development through the most powerful Analytics on the market.

  • More capable teams

    With our content collections, your staff learns the most innovative topics on the market from the most knowledgeable experts.

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Content + Learning + Performance Management = Unlocked Potentials

We are passionate about innovation. That is why our collections are always updated with the newest and most complete in the market. Check out what has just arrived on our platform:


To move up, your employee needs to develop the necessary skills. SapiênCia offers content for any succession plan.


After the diagnosis of Performance Review, your collaborator can add SapiênCia content directly to her IDP.

Performance Evaluation

With the Performance Review report in hand, your team can select the SapiênCia content focused on the competencies to be developed.


Feedback and development in one place. Send and receive feedbacks and have SapiênCia as your next development step.


Improve e-NPS surveys with the help of SapiênCia's content, which will help the team develop the best soft skills.


With the help of the turnover dashboard, HR tracks the company's terminations and indicates possible training.
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Check out SapiênCia's latest releases

We are passionate about innovation.
That is why our collections are always updated with the newest and most complete in the market. Check out what has just arrived on our platform:

Collection - HR for Everyone (power by Mercer)

With more than 20 contents, develop your team's career and skills, so they can make better decisions in their professional journey and have better experiences within your company.

Masterclass - OKRs: from mission to action

In this masterclass, learn about the OKRs methodology and how to implement it in your organization, going through the three phases of the OKRs cycle: planning, execution, and monitoring and closing.

Masterclass - Neither real nor virtual, the world is figital

In this content, learn what innovation is, the concept of figital world, and also review cases of figital transformation.

Masterclass - What is strategy?

In this masterclass, learn what strategy is. Understand the main concepts, how to create and execute it, and much more.

Content - Libras in the corporate day to day

Learn how to include, welcome, and communicate with a deaf person on a daily basis, thus making the work environment more inclusive.

Content - Basic communication in libras

Learn about the importance of learning Libras, trivia about the deaf community, the alphabet, numbers, and basic vocabulary.

ESG Collection - Transform your company into a sustainable organization

Through four comprehensive contents, learn how to build sustainable, social, and good governance practices in your organization for a better future.
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