Bring more agility to your day-to-day with the integrations offered by Qulture.Rocks's platform.

Slack interface with the /send_feedback message written and the Qulture.Rocks modal open with a who, subject and message field with the objective of sending a feedback to another employee.

Receive notifications from Qulture.Rocks via Slack

Is Slack where the work happens in your organization? The integration with this communication tool allows your team to receive reminders to prepare for upcoming 1:1s, send feedback, align priorities and report the feelings weekly to leadership.
Calendar with meetings scheduled over a week with a modal showing date, time, participants and topic of a meeting with 1:1 with button to sync with Google calendars or Outlook.

Sync 1:1s with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar

To make your time management easier, you can synchronise the 1:1 meetings scheduled through Qulture.Rocks platform with Google Calendar or Outlook so that you can manage all your meetings in one place.