Remote Work Management

Remote Work Management

Promote alignment and proximity between leaders and direct reports remotely through this set of tools.

Screen shot of a 1:1 with Peter's issues written on the left in a checklist and John's on the right. Below, tasks and arrangements defined by both in a checklist.

Promote greater interaction, alignment and transparency with 1:1s

1:1s between leaders and direct reports or among peers are a practice that helps establish a culture of greater transparency and alignment. Our product 1:1s has options to add agendas, save notes and create tasks. Thus, the employees, in addition to being able to prepare in advance, leave the conversations with clarity on what their next steps are.
Modal with a question about how the last working week went and with 6 emojis appearing representing different feelings such as terrible, bad, neutral, good, very good, fantastic.

Find out how people feel about pulsed research

Pulse Survey consists of quick, weekly surveys based on emojis that help leaders understand how each person on the team feels. In addition, it is possible to create a space with pre-defined quick answers for positive and improving points of each week in order to generate practical insights for leadership action.
1:1 meeting evaluation form with 5 stars representing grades from 1 to 5.

Understand how best to conduct 1:1s with direct reports

At the end of each 1:1, the direct report receives a survey in which they anonymously rate how the meeting with their leader went and, optionally, add tags and write comments to point out the positive aspects and what could be improved in the conversation. With this, leaders gain clarity and direction to improve their people development competencies.
Table showing each team member, their feelings and their 3 priorities for the week. Another table on the right showing the overall average of the evaluations of 1:1s made by the leader and the 3 positive points and points for improvement highlighted by the employees.

Get a clear and summarized view of your direct reports in a single place

Through the Leadership Dashboard, it is possible to identify in a consolidated manner how each person in the team is feeling that week and follow their current priorities. In addition, it shows the average score given by direct reports to the meetings of 1:1s held, as well as the 3 positive points and the 3 points to be improved that are pointed out with greater recurrence.