Have you ever thought of using a software performance evaluation in your company? First, let's address the concept of this strategy. Performance evaluation can be defined as the apex of a well-structured cycle of performance management. When shaping it, the team runs the risk of going through a journey full of bifurcations. For this reason, having a tool as an ally will contribute significantly to its deployment.

In this post, understand a little more about the advantages of a performance evaluation software, as well as check out tips on how to choose the most suitable product for your company. Read on and learn more!

Let's understand a little more about performance evaluation and performance management cycles

As we have seen, performance evaluation is the main point of a performance management cycle that works well in a company. But what does this performance mean? As most experts claim, the performance of a professional can be set in two large dimensions:

  • results;
  • behavior.

Results can be understood as” what "the employee does, while behavior is understood as” how" the professionals produce these results.

The performance management cycle begins with the alignment of performance expectations. In this sense, it ends with a performance evaluation, whose main objectives are:

  • measure team members' performance for decision making;
  • provide inputs so that the team member can develop and improve their performance.

Let's understand the benefits of choosing performance evaluation software

Why is it advantageous for your company to have performance evaluation software? In the next section, we will go over its main benefits.

Gain in productivity

Nowadays, one of the great challenges for companies is to bring inputs so that their employees have productivity gains. By reducing the manual work of the HR team, for example, there is the possibility of the area becoming more strategic in the company, allocating its activities with a focus on the growth of the organization with greater effectiveness. 

Better structuring of performance evaluation

Typically, the performance assessment consists of a series of questionnaires that contain questions to be answered by one or more evaluators. Here, we will discuss both behavior (how) and results (what).

Through software, the team has the possibility to run assessments from the most complex to the simplest-and in a well-structured way, taking the questionnaire clearly to the employee. 

Evaluators will have access to important information

Through the performance evaluation tool, your company will have the possibility to fill out the evaluations in a fair and grounded way. When evaluating a company member, there is the possibility to view other important data and information about that team member. Among these topics, one can single out:

  • feedback from others;
  • compliments of other employees in relation to the activities carried out by a given team member;
  • OKRs that person owns;
  • IDPs; among others.

In other words, completion of the performance evaluation will also be more strategic, reducing the chances of it being done “in the dark”.

Easy access to full reports

Performance appraisal software may allow you to have access to a complete report of the appraiser. At the end of the responses, the system will generate an automatic document. Thus, in a single place, you will have the possibility to access all the information you need, which contributes to the most strategic decision-making.

Real-time monitoring of assessment

In addition to all the points mentioned, the tool will contribute to a real-time follow-up of this action. That is, the management has the possibility to understand the evolution of the answers, in addition to sending reminders to professionals who have not yet completed. In this way, there is a guarantee that the process is completed within the established deadline.

How can you choose performance evaluation software?

Now that you know the main benefits of having performance evaluation software, we will explain how to choose the best tool for your needs. Read on and learn more!

Analyze the service offered by the company

The first point of analysis is related to the service the company provides. Look for those who have a team of experts who master the subject and may well contribute to the implementation to achieve the desired result.

In addition, those organizations that offer an onboarding process will allow your team to take all initial doubts and run the first performance evaluation with a help close to this service.

Whatever the tool to be implemented in your business, there is a need to look for solutions that are adapted to the realities of the business. In the case of performance evaluation software, it is not different.

In this sense, it is indicated that you search for a software that creates assessments of competencies from the simplest to the most complex one, not to mention fostering the possibility of creating assessments with different criteria for different areas and individuals.

Another aspect that makes searching in  software stand out is the opportunity to choose who will participate in the process: it can be the entire company, just a team or even a single employee.

Choose a tool that facilitates decision making

Be sure to analyze if the tool brings solutions that facilitate the decision-making of your company. Visualizing through the boxes where each team member of your company is, for example, may allow the team, quickly and effectively, to understand which of the professionals can be promoted, trained or relocated.

Request a demo

In the demo, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the company service, the features of the performance evaluation software, as well as check if that tool suits your needs.

Furthermore, the research must be complete: understand who the customers of that company are (when there are large brands in the portfolio, it is a sign that the product has quality), what are the other features (if it brings possibility to make a OKRs management for example), among other relevant points for the organization to achieve the desired results.

Success Case: understand how ContaAzul used the Performance Assessment software in the best way

So, how do you feel about knowing a little more about the differentials of a performance evaluation software and how to choose for that ideal? To leaarn more about the topic, please contact our experts and make an appointment!