For many months I've been struggling to refine what I think our mission at Qulture.Rocks is. The process started with figuring out what visions and missions actually meant, reflecting endlessly about why we exist and how the world would miss us if we seized to exist, and ended in the last couple of weeks, when we finally settled onto a way to think about our mission that makes my heart beat faster.

Some background

We always had a solid hunch our purpose was around helping teams and teams of teams work better together. Our name, obviously, implies we think culture is a potent force in any group of people aligned around a purpose. But we weren't quite sure how to word it, or how to think of it. Then it finally clicked.

Our mission is to help organizations achieve great things. (Remember, purpose = mission.)

Let's unpack that.

Us Q-Players marvel at progress and technology as products of human potential. And we think human progress is achieved, in large part, by organizations, or groups of people that form around common purposes and objectives. And we think helping these organizations, comprised of teams and teams of teams, work better together towards their goals, which are usually encapsulated in a vision, is our purpose on earth.

We think if we do our job well, we'll empower more human progress.

A byproduct of our mission: creating great cultures

If we help teams work better together towards their visions, we will create great cultures in the process: cultures that rock!

If people grow, learn to work with each other, give each other feedback, set goals and align work around those goals, and so on, they will inevitably create a great culture, which is the byproduct of all those things. That's why our name is Qulture.Rocks. All these things are intimately tied together!

A bit about space exploration

You might have noticed how, from day one, our brand has been closely associated with space exploration and astronauts.

For us, no feat better represents humans working together towards a goal than when men and woman joined forces to land a man on the moon in the 60s.

Space exploration is a highly complex endeavor. It requires hundreds of sharp minds to work incredibly hard and in incredible sync. We're talking of mission control, mechanics, engineers, factory men, scientists, psychologists, physical trainers, and, of course, astronauts, who share different skills working toward a common, very hard goal.

They pursued what's literally the definition of moonshot. And that's what we want to empower our customers to do at Qulture.Rocks.