We know that feedback is the process in which one person contributes to the development of another through their own perceptions, whether negative or positive. In addition, they contribute directly to people's careers.

In the book, "Thanks for the feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well", Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen bring some interesting results about the research they did. In it, they showed that professionals who seek feedback are perceived as more competent, in addition to settling into new roles more quickly.

A great ally of this process nowadays is technology. In this material, besides explaining a little more about the importance of feedback for companies, we will present some of the reasons that prove the importance of looking for a employee feedback platform. Keep reading and learn more!

Why adopt a feedback culture in companies?

First, it is important to understand that, in a selection process, not only do companies look for professionals who best fit their culture and processes, but professionals also look for a business that meets their expectations and purposes. In other words, in addition to being more qualified, there is a higher degree of demand from talents when looking for a vacancy.

According to a study conducted by HubSpot, about 43% of the most engaged employees in an organization receive feedback on their demands at least once a week. According to the same survey, 78% of people say that recognition makes them more motivated to perform their daily tasks.

In the same study, it was noticed that 69% of professionals said they would work harder if their efforts were more recognized by the company. And this concern already affects large companies: a Harvard Business Review study found that 70% of multinationals have already sought to adapt to these needs, including adopting tools that assist in the practice of feedback.

Speaking of recognition, praise should also be present in the routine of companies. A survey by Gallup found that employees who know they will be recognized have a greater incentive to actually do a good job. A study by SHRM/Globalforce concluded that organizations with efficient recognition programs have 31% fewer voluntary resignations and 12 times more chances of obtaining better results.

Why use an employee feedback software?

As we have seen, companies only tend to win by implementing a culture of feedback and praise in the day-to-day business. To assist in this practice, we indicate the use of a feedback and praise platform. Below, we have selected some of the main gains provided by it. Check it out!

Give and receive feedback at the right time

Through a feedback and praise tool, everyone in the company has the opportunity to send and ask for feedback in real time to any professional in the company. In this way, there is the possibility to implement the culture in the company and help employees understand what they do positively and what should be improved.

In addition, giving feedback in the right forum is one of the main components of good feedback. Praise, for example, should be given in public, since by explaining the reasons for the behavior being praised, other people can be inspired and start practicing them.

Improvement feedback, on the other hand, should be done in private to avoid the receiver feeling exposed. On the platform, teams can choose whether to make the recognition public or send an improvement insight privately, as it should be done.

Reinforce the organization's values

Through the feedback and praise platform, the team has the possibility to reinforce the organization's values. When sending feedback to a subordinate, colleagues or teams, there is the option to select which company value is being practiced.

Thus, the principles of the culture are reinforced in each feedback, in addition to bringing the opportunity for the professional to have more clarity about the values that he or she does well and those that need to be paid attention to.

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Get access to ready-to-use templates

Especially for companies that are implementing the feedback culture in their routines, there is a certain difficulty for people to request and send feedback. In the tool, the team has ready-to-use templates, with predefined structures to assist in this task.

Example: when someone on the team celebrates one year in the company, the solution automatically sends a request for feedback to the leadership, as well as the leadership sends a request to the subordinate:

Hi, "name"! Congratulations on 1 year in the company! For our relationship to be better and better, it is very important that I know how I am performing as a leader so far.

Like and comment on achievements

On the platform's praise wall, there is still the possibility for people to like and comment on their colleagues' achievements.

Similar in appearance to a social network, a platform will bring the possibility for the workforce to engage and celebrate what has been done in a simple and natural way.

Share a praise received on social media

In addition, the person who receives a praise has the opportunity to share this achievement on social networks, especially LinkedIn. In this way, you can bring your perception of what was praised, tell a little more about your trajectory in the business, among other messages you want to pass on to your network.

Consequently, it brings improvements to the image of your business, which brings to outsiders the perception that it is a team that recognizes its team and that the people who are there are happy to be part of the workforce.


In this content, you were able to check a little more about the importance of good feedback, in addition to understanding how a feedback and praise software contributes to the company's ability to implement this culture more easily.

If you want to know more about how our Feedback platform can help your company, contact us and clear your doubts!